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GLUCOCARD 01 Test Strips

  • Test strips can be used with the GLUCOCARD 01 and the GLUCOCARD 01-mini
  • Test strip bottle has clear bottom so you can see the number of test strips you have left
  • Sleek, compact bottle
  • Long (6 month) open strip expiration dating
  • Tiny 0.3 µL sample size
  • Biosensor technology
GLUCOCARD 01 SENSOR Blood Glucose Test Strips


GLUCOCARD 01-mini Blood Glucose Monitor

More than a pretty face, the GLUCOCARD 01-mini contains the latest technology and delivers fast, highly accurate test results with only a tiny sample size. And because you're more than your diabetes, the GLUCOCARD 01-mini lets you express yourself with more than 20 interchangeable face plates.

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