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Welcome to the GLUCOCARD® YouChoose™ Wellness and Support Program!
We believe managing diabetes can be easier through small, simple changes.

YouChoose™ is a free wellness program from GLUCOCARD® that offers practical tools, encouragement, and small, simple changes to help you make healthier choices day to day. From ordering a smaller soda to walking your grocery cart back inside the store, we offer tips and support to help you achieve your goals.

Enroll today FREE in YouChoose™ to begin tackling diabetes one simple change at a time.

Visit the GLUCOCARD® YouChoose™ website now!


Healthcare providers and medical device suppliers, please call 800.866.1633 for more information.


FREE Enrollment Benefits

  • A wellness kit filled with helpful tools like a Smart Plate for healthy eating
  • Quarterly newsletters containing healthy living tips and guides
  • Online recipes and tools for making smart choices at home or on the go
  • Continued support from your virtual health coach "Ask Mary"

ENROLL Today Free 

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